About us

Autec S.r.l has been designing electronic equipment for industrial automation, automotive and sensors industry since 1993.

How We work

Our way of working starts with the project specifications provided by our customers. Then, with the support of our technical staff, we turn those ideas into the final product.

Requirement analysis

Both hardware and software designs are entirely carried out by Autec through a constant search for technologically advanced solutions and with the aim of keeping reliability at the top of our order of priority.

Design and Development

The experience we gained over the years has allowed us to successfully design electronic equipment capable of enduring the hardest working conditions.


All Autec circuit boards and electronic equipment, including prototypes, are internally tested in conformity with the specifications required by the customer.

Contact us

Via dell’Artigianato, 12
48034 Fusignano (RA)
+39 0545 52934
+39 0545 50512