TC1 Control

TC1 regulator is a device used in asphalt pavers in order to control screeds temperature.

The device can control the temperature of the screed on the machine heated by gas or by electric system.

Main features:

This device can control up to 3 independent heating areas utilizing three PT100 probes to measure the temperature. The device controls the heating of each area through a static output. If the machine is gas-heated, TC1 regulator uses an additional static output (one for each channel) for fumes washing. Temperature is set by the operator through the arrow keys and the button corresponding to the channel (the value is shown on the 3 digits of the “SET” display). The three digits of the “ACT” display show the current temperature on the channel. TC1 regulator verifies if the temperature is reached within a time-limit. If the time-limit is exceeded, the regulator will try to reach the temperature again, but a fault signal will appear on the display.

During temperature control, the device verifies the state of the PT100 probes and shows a warning signal on the display in the case of open circuit or short-circuit.
When TC1 controller detects an error it disables the channel on which the error is detected and informs the operator with the flashing of the corresponding key (1, 2 or 3). If the probe is interrupted, it is possible to keep operating on manual mode.

Main Features: